Gotta Getcha Back

We started this journey many years ago, knowing that our daughter was waiting for us somewhere in China. That journey began in 2004, but after a setback healthwise, we had to pull out, thinking our hopes were dashed forever. Then in late 2005, with renewed purpose and strength we again began the process of our adoption. We were logged into China March 28th, 2006, and were matched with our Dear Daughter, October 13th, 2009. GOTCHA 12/14/09 Forever Ours 12/15/09

First Day Of School...... well "Pre-School" 9/7/11

So hard to believe that my girl has started pre school...... she didn't flinch and ran to the door.  She couldn't wait to get there.  We rehearsed it for several days, that I would drop her off and I would come back....... will have to post the video of breakfast that morning..... wow.  Can't believe how big she is already.  Time is flying by.......

Hai Dao Ching Shih (the woman) :)

Ching Shih(郑氏)

Ching Shih(郑氏) was a famous female pirate in late Qing China. Ching Shih's real name is unknown as is where she was born. She was born in 1785.
In 1801, before becoming a pirate she was working as a prostitute on one of the city Canton's floating brothels. It did not take her long to leave this unfortunate profession and marry a notorious pirate, Zheng Yi. They married in 1801.
Zheng Yi was part of a family that had been very successful in pirating.
After their marriage Zheng Yi gathered together a coalition of the competing Cantonese pirate fleets into an alliance. Within a few years the coalition was a force to be reckoned with and one of the most powerful pirate fleets in all of China. The pirate fleet was known as the Red Flag Fleet'.
Ching Shih was widowed in 1807. She maneuvered herself into her late husband's leadership position. At this time in history it was quite something for a woman to be in the top position. She led over 1500 ships and over 60,000 pirates.
Women today lead things all the time, are heads of companies and love power. But instead of being boss over tame men and women, with the occasional office weirdo, all in business suits and high heels, imagine bossing around grimy, toothless, smelly, violent men who are underfed and on the water for months on end?.
In 1810 she had had enough of life on the seas, violence and filth and took an amnesty offer from the Chinese government. Stepping back from her position, she kept her loot and got married to her adoptive son Cheung Po Tsai. Not one Under her leadership cultural dominance was taken by the fleet over many coastal villages. On occasion they would even tax the people and enforce levies. Ching Shih and her fleet were known to rob markets, towns and villages from Macao to Canton.
to be idle, she opened a successful gambling house.
Death claimed this Chinese history-making pirate at the age of 69 in 1844.

Sunday's Mini Poker Run with friends galore !!!!! 4/9/11

What an incredible day that we had with friends that we haven't seen in quite a while.  It was our 2 year anniversary of meeting Kelly, pictured above..... wow time really flies.........

The weather could have been more cooperative, but what we lacked in good warm sunny weather, we made up for in warm sunny people.

The next run is coming up, and we intend to make that one too........

March 22nd...... 2011 Soooo Spring is finally here, or is it ?

So, Spring is finally here.... or so the calendar says, BUT, we have snow coming tonight or early tomorrow in the A.M. and I have to now worry about my flowers, that seem to have popped up overnight throughout our property.  Hopefully they will survive, or re-grow.

Our adoption business is back up and running, after a 2 1/2 week hiatus.  We traveled South to the Florida Keys with some friends and had a wonderful trip.

I'm anxious to launch a bunch of new banners that we've been working on.  It brings us such joy to partake in other families joy during their adoption celebration.  Orders have been coming in, and it's very refreshing to be suppling people with a product, and a service that can not be found elsewhere.  Looking forward to a lucrative Spring.

Gotcha Back

First Puppy Match..... 2/6/11 Hai Dao Ching Shih MC

Our first puppy match.... Ching Shih all of 13 weeks old......... lots of fun, and we can't wait to do it again..... !!!  The Judge at the end, came over and told me that he can't wait for me to show under him again, when he is a little bigger....... little did he know that the other dog was being handled by a Pro, and that's a total illegal maneuver in a Match show..... owner handled all the way, but I wasn't gonna rat him out...... he's helped me out in the past...,  but we'll get him next time.....  !!  Stupidly, I can't remember the Judges name..... now have to search for it !

1/18/11 So Proud Of My Boy........ NEW "Therapy Dog" :)

Welcome Hai Dao Ching Shih MC a/k/a Ching Shih (yellow collar)

Born on 10/20/10

 Babies with Mama GiGi

 Ching Shih, second in on left.....


 Daddy, Baldo

 First night as an American citizen

 2 peas in a pod....... first morning together.....

 Just passed through customs.... Ching Shih and sister Norah !

I'm cute...... ah huh..... I'm cute...........